5 Quali-tea Benefits of Green Tea Extract for the Skin

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Green tea seems to be in every skincare product nowadays. Green tea cleansers, green tea toners, green tea masks and the list goes on. But is this just a gimmick? Nope! Green tea extract actually has amazing benefits for your skin. Today we go through 5 of the best benefits.

Reduces Skin Oiliness

Green tea contains tannins which can shrink your pores and reduce the sebum or oil production in your skin. As a result, your skin becomes less oily without the need for any harsh chemicals.

Protection from the Sun

Though it might sound a bit ridiculous, drinking green tea or applying it topically such as with a lotion can actually protect your skin from sun damage. Sun exposure typically causes inflammation or irritation to the skin. Since green tea has anti-inflammatory properties, it can counteract these adverse effects.

Reduces Acne and Blackheads

Green tea extract has been a proven ingredient to help eliminate acne. This is because it has antimicrobial, antioxidant, astringent and anti-inflammatory properties. When applied the the skin topically, it can treat acne as well as blackheads.

Tones Your Skin

Green tea can also aid in making your complexion more radiant and even. It works by drawing out impurities and also by reducing the size of your pores. Having green tea extract as one of the ingredients in your skincare regime can help maintain a healthy glow.

Reduces Dark Circles

Puffy eyes and dark circles can make you seem way more tired than you want to look. The antioxidants and tannins in green tea can shrink the blood vessels below the surface of the skin under your eyes. Even if you don’t feel more awake, you’ll definitely look it!

Green tea is packed with so many unbelievable benefits for the skin. This is why it’s one of the 26 superfoods in Bahama Brown. When you need a glowing tan, there’s no better option. No staining your sheets, no harmful chemicals and no damaging UV rays!


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