5 Sustainable Swaps that Save You Money

Sustainable Swaps that Save Money

Of course, taking some steps to improve your carbon footprint is incredibly important to keep the environment at its best. Fortunately, sustainable swaps can also save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. Today, we go through 5 different swaps you can make that are not only friendly to the environment but friendly to your wallet.

Reusable Bottle

This is definitely one of the easiest things you can do if you haven’t already. Even if you buy plastic water bottles in bulk, it’ll cost you at least $5 for a pack of 24. After a few months, the cost has already added up to how much a reusable would be. Reusable bottles can range in price depending on their quality.

Even though plastic isn’t the best, buying a $10 reusuable plastic bottle that lasts you years is a lot better than using a plastic bottle every day. Though plastic bottles are recyclable, most people don’t take the time to recycle. It also takes a lot of resources to recycle plastic bottles!

Reusable Food Wrapping

If you’re currently using cling wrap, sandwich bags or any other similar food wraps, there are definitely better alternatives. Rather than using cling wrap, you can get reusable food wraps made out of wax that can be used to cover bowls or to wrap sandwiches. You can also get reusable food pouches for sandwiches or any kind of snack.

Though the initial cost may seem a bit hefty, they’re an investment for you and for the environment. There’s even speculation that using plastic on your food can actually be detrimental to you health. Better safe than sorry right?

Tea Towels, Rags and Handkerchiefs

Using paper towels in the kitchen and around the house is probably one of the easiest ways to produce a bunch of waste. Even tissues to blow your noise can add up. Where you can, investing in tea towels, rags and handkerchiefs is a great option. Just throw them into your laundry or into a separate load.

DIY Cleaning Products

Along the lines of cleaning, making your own cleaning products will save you hundreds of dollars over the years. Commercial cleaning products are typically full of harmful chemicals that are not only bad for the environment but terrible for your health.

By making your own products, you can reuse spray bottles, jars etc. which means you’ll also reduce your waste. There are many recipes you can find online. Typically, all you’ll need is vinegar, distilled water, baking soda and essential oils if you want your products to smell nice.

Vintage Clothes

The last sustainable swap you can make is to vintage or second hand clothes. You’ll save lots of money and also promote a circular economy rather than a linear one. This means, products will be reused and passed on rather than produced to ultimately end up in the bin.

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