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top 5 tips for soft glowing skin in winter


Winter is coming and this change in season comes with a new set of challenges for our skin. The season’s characteristic cold weather and low humidity levels result in a dry air that constantly robs skin of its natural oils and moisture. This problem is exacerbated by indoor heating which further drains the air of its moisture. Moisturising alleviates these problems, but it takes proper care to prevent cracking, bleeding or redness.

1. Protect, Protect and Protect!

Prevention is always better than curative and this holds true for skincare. The environment can’t damage what it can’t touch, so start wearing scarves and gloves to protect your skin from the buffering winds, rain and moisture sucking air. Sunscreen is also as important in Winter as any other season, so remember to apply sunscreen to any exposed area to protect it from harmful UV rays!

2. Humidify Your House

Stepping into a room with heating systems always provides a nice break from the cold. However, they also dry out the air in the process of warming you up. The solution? Install a humidifier in your home! It’ll place moisture back in the air and help prevent your skin from drying out.

3. Avoid Nasty Toxins and Irritants  

Skin is naturally more fragile during the Winter due to the change in weather conditions. As a result irritating fabrics such as wool or chemical laden detergents and beauty products may cause your skin to flare up with redness, chafing or itchiness. Instead, use beauty products and detergents that are rich in natural ingredients and made for sensitive skin.

4. Eat Water Rich Foods  

By eating foods rich in water content you can effectively hydrate your skin from the inside out. Fruits such as watermelon, apples and kiwi fruit or watery vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots will provide the necessary benefits to keep your skin youthful and smooth. Additionally, many of these water rich foods also have high contents of Vitamin C and zinc which support the body’s production of collagen and elastin. 

5. Drying Moisturisers?

Some water based moisturisers can actually counter-intuitively further dry your skin in the winter months. The solution to this is to choose oil-based moisturisers formed from natural, nourishing ingredients, as it is more likely to improve water retention in your skin through the Winter months.


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