Almond in Bahama Brown

We all know what superfoods are. Let’s face it, they’re mentioned in the media almost daily, and from kale to avocado, celebrities are quick to endorse these little bundles of nourishment, contributing to something of a worldwide craze.

Here at BahamaBrown, we love a good superfood, but there’s so much more to them than just food. Superfoods also have hugely beneficial advantages as ingredients in beauty products, and we harness them for exactly this reason.

We’re going to focus on almond oil here, a certified organic ingredient used in our own self-tan.

Native to North Africa, Middle East and India, almond oil is rich in essential oils that contain Omega 6 & 9, and has cell renewal qualities.

While being known as a superfood, we wanted to bring together some of our favourite qualities of this brilliant oil, found in our very own BahamaBrown self-tan.

1 - Promotes healthier skin
While everyone wants more glowing skin, not everyone knows how to achieve it. Almond oil has great nourishing qualities that also clear the complexion. Enriched with a host of vitamins including E, A and B, skin remains moisturised yet clear.

2 - Delays the signs of aging
Slowing down the aging process is the long-held achievement of many health and beauty manufacturers, but almond oil appears to be ahead of the game. Adding elasticity to the skin, almond oil contains vitamin E and fatty acids that aid skin renewal and fight against wrinkles.

3 - Removes dead skin cells
Almond oil provides something of a gentle deep clean for the skin, removing dead skin cells as well as dirt and sweat. Loosening and removing impurities allows skin to be totally cleansed, and new skin cells to grow healthily.

4 - Helps with skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema
Almond oil is widely used as a remedy for skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema, mostly due to its ability to reduce irritation and soothe the skin.

5 - Ideal make-up remover
While many make-up removers are harsh and full of chemicals, almond oil carries all the cleansing and moisturising properties without drying out skin.

6 - It’s great for your hair
Similar to coconut oil, regular use of almond oil in hair can improve sheen and texture. This is due to the magnesium contained within it, and those who regularly use almond oil notice a lesser extent of hair fall.

7 - Prevents heart problems
Loaded with monounsaturated fatty acids, almond oil is ideal for anyone looking to increase their heart health.

8 - Relieves pain and muscle stress
There’s nothing quite like a massage, but one with almond oil could have additional benefits. Many people have reported feeling a reduction in joint and muscle pain, most likely due to its analgesic properties.

9 - Promotes healthier, strong nails
Many people experience brittle nails, so almond oil’s strengthening properties are very useful. Massaging nails with a few drops of almond oil each day can provide noticeable results. It is believed that the high levels of potassium and zinc found in the oil attribute to this quality.

10 - Ideal as an overall anti-inflammatory
While many people think fats are harmful, some are essential for our bodies to function correctly. Linoleic and linolenic acids found in almond oil can vastly help with inflammation and even reduce the levels of LDL-cholesterol found in our system.

We use almond oil in our own self-tanning products, and we think you can see why! While it has earned its title as a superfood, there are so many other benefits that come with using almond oil, and when applying our self-tan, you’ll be taking advantage of many of them!

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