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Argan Oil in Bahama Brown

When you think of Argan Oil, the first thing that springs to mind is ‘haircare’.

As one of the on-trend ingredients of the moment, Argan Oil has been used in a number of shampoos and conditioners, for its ability to tame frizzy hair and give hair a healthy shine.

But what is Argan Oil, and what else is it useful for?

Extracted from the Argan tree in Morocco, Argan Oil has risen to fame thanks to a number of high profile celebrities and socialites who have promoted the benefits it provides.

One of the key uses for Argan Oil is as a moisturizer. When applied to skin, argan oil hydrates the skin so it looks and feels more supple, and with a high vitamin E content, provides the skin with an overall boost. Argan Oil is gentle, so can be used on the whole body.

More and more people are choosing to mix argan oil with Pomegranate Oil, creating a very strong antioxidant, and boosting its benefits for treating a number of common skin conditions.

1 - Acne
Originally, Argan Oil was in fact used to treat a number of skin conditions. While a number of oils can be detrimental to conditions such as acne, Argan Oil has the opposite effect, soothing the skin and promoting healing. The non-greasy properties of Argan Oil counteracts the often oily skin of someone suffering with acne, and antioxidants heal skin that is both damaged or inflamed.

2 - Psoriasis
By now, you probably get the message that Argan Oil improves skin hydration, so it’s no surprise that its useful for treating Psoriasis too. This unpleasant condition worsens when the scalp becomes dry and itchy, so the vitamin E contained in Argan Oil adds vital nutrients, as well as soothing raw areas during breakouts.

3 - Dermatitis & Eczema
Those suffering from Eczema often seek natural treatments to soothe the skin, and reduce pain or itching. Argan Oil has even been used by dermatologists to provide the relief needed, ultimately stopping itching and allowing the skin to regenerate and heal.

4 - Dry & Cracked Skin
For those that suffer with dry or cracked skin, Argan Oil can provide a welcome solution, soothing inflammation and providing fast-acting relief. As well as being used as a method of treatment, Argan Oil is also ideal to prevent dry and cracked skin, when applied daily.

5 - Foot, Hand & Nails
Often a troublesome area, Argan Oil is ideal for a number of nail conditions such as brittle nails. In addition, Argan Oil is ideal for applying to the hands and feet, areas to commonly suffer from dry or cracked skin.

6 - Cracked Lips
The lips are easily dried out, particularly during winter months. Dry, cracked lips can be unsightly and very uncomfortable. To keep lips looking and feeling healthy, plump and soft, a few drops of Argan Oil can be used daily.


So, by now, we should have shown you just how amazing Argan Oil really is, and why it is so much more than simply something we use on our hair…

You’ll surely really is ‘liquid gold’. In BahamaBrown, Argan Oil provides a luxurious application to skin.

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