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Arnica Montana in Bahama Brown

Widely regarded as nature’s anti-inflammatory, Arnica has long held a place in the first aid kit, and is readily available over-the-counter, often in the form of a topical gel.

Native to the mountains of Europe and Siberia, the Arnica plant has bright green leaves and fleshy stalks. Cultivated for medicinal use in both North America and Europe, it has been used since the 1500s.

Arnica is something of an all-round treatment, ideal for the common aches, pains and minor injuries that occur as part of everyday life. In addition, Arnica is highly effective at reducing bruising, and also shows benefits in the fight against acne.

Here, we take a look at some of its key benefits, and a few might just surprise you!

1 - Bruises & Swellings
This is perhaps what Arnica is most renowned for. Bruises occur as a result of a trauma, causing blood vessels to break under the skin – hence the discoloration. Arnica encourages the body to send more white blood cells to the area, repairing the bruise more quickly.

As an anti-inflammatory, Arnica can take care of a number of sprains, strains and contusions, and Arnica is even used to reduce post-surgical swelling in some cases.

2 - Arthritis
The pain and stiffness of arthritis is extremely debilitating, and Arnica is used by many people to improve movement quality and ease pain. In addition to topical Arnica, a number of oral supplements have also been developed to provide something of a ‘double dose’, although Arnica can only be consumed in a mild form due to associated side effects.

3 - Injuries (Notably Soft Tissue)
While Arnica is not a replacement for conventional medical treatment, it does help to relieve pain and swelling from a number of conditions including strains, fractures, bruises and pulled muscles. Arnica is particularly useful in treating soft tissue injuries, and actually speeds up the healing process.

4 - Eczema
Arnica has been used in a number of creams and lotions to treat skin infections, eczema and itchiness. Arnica’s soothing and cooling properties enable the skin to heal, preventing further itching.

5 - Prevents Dandruff
By cleansing excess oil and sebum from the scalp area, Arnica helps to prevent dandruff and flaky scalp. Arnica also provides the hair with a natural shine and even has a detangling effect.

6 - Skin Conditions
From acne to minor burns, Arnica has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties to treat a wide number of skin conditions. The effect of removing excess sebum from the skin is particularly useful in treating acne, and its ability to soothe stressed skin, can help when skin is burnt or is inflamed due to minor skin complaints.

7 - Frostbite & Chilblains
Yes, Arnica really can be used to help with both frostbite and chilblains. Topical application soothes the area and reduces swelling.


Arnica is an ideal complement to the line-up of wonderful healing ingredients in BahamaBrown.

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