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Calendula in Bahama Brown Self Tan

Calendula is commonly referred to as pot-marigold, and is native to the Mediterranean. This herbal plant is not only beautiful, but also powerful in its use within homeopathic medicine. Its anti-inflammatory properties not only heal cuts and grazes, but also reduce the inflammation experienced with a number of skin diseases and complaints.

The petals are edible, and this wonder herb is used in a number of dishes to add flavor and nutritional value. It’s grown so much in Russia, that it has become known as ‘Russian Penicillin’.

Calendula is available in a number of forms, including oils, creams and even tea, so it’s surprising if you haven’t already heard about the great things this herb can do for you and your skin.

It’s not hard to see why Calendula is so popular. From fierce infection fighting to fast healing and skin regeneration, this herb is so much more than just a ‘pretty flower’.

Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits…

1 - Healing Irritated or Wounded Skin
As you’d expect, Calendula’s anti-inflammatory properties make it the ideal choice for soothing rashes, minor cuts and scrapes, insect bites and mild skin irritations. In addition, Calendula has regenerative properties, so can help skin to heal quickly.

2 - Preventing Premature Aging
Dry skin is a key component in premature aging, so Calendula’s ability to hydrate the skin is vital. Calendula is extremely gentle on the skin so is safe enough to be used around the eye area, creating younger looking skin, and also reducing puffiness.

3 - Preventing Acne
Calendula has antibacterial properties so is perfect for treating acne. Calendula clears up bacteria in the skin pores, and in addition, soothes the skin to help it heal after a breakout. This both addresses the cause, and also prevents scarring.

4 - Fungal Skin Infections
The anti-fungal properties of Calendula have made it a popular choice when treating infections such as ringworm and athlete’s foot. Again, Calendula soothes itching too so prevents further spread of infection and calms itching.

5 - Healing Dry Skin
We’ve already briefly touched on this, but Calendula can really boost the skin and create a much healthier appearance. Many people use creams containing Calendula, and report hugely positive results in a short amount of time. In addition, it is used to fade old scars and cure bruises.

As a lip balm, Calendula can also prevent chapping and help the lips appear smoother and more hydrated.

6 - Dandruff-Free Hair
By soothing and nourishing an irritated scalp, Calendula can be readily used to prevent dandruff. By moisturizing and hydrating the scalp, dry skin is prevented, and many sufferers of psoriasis have also reported great results when using this wonder herb.

7 - Encourages Hair Growth
Following on from dandruff, Calendula is also useful for promoting hair growth. The oil can have particularly noticeable results, encouraging stronger and thicker hair.

8 - Diaper Rash
Calendula has been used far and wide by mothers looking for a safe diaper rash treatment. By gently cleansing and hydrating the area, Calendula is ideal for such delicate skin.



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