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Carica Papaya in Bahama Brown Self Tan

Okay, so Papaya is one tasty fruit. You’re probably already aware that the Papaya is also highly nutritious, containing around 300% of the recommended daily Vitamin C intake.

Native to Central America and Southern Mexico, the Papaya fruit is high in fiber, rich in vitamins and minerals, and is abundant in antioxidants and bioflavonoids. Over recent years, the Papaya has had an increase in popularity, and has become widely available in supermarkets right around the world.

While Papaya is a great food to eat, its extract also has a number of key benefits, notably for the skin.

The Carica Papaya Fruit Extract, or Papaw or Pawpaw, as it’s sometimes known, is a rich source of vitamin C, and contains carotenoids and polyphenols.

1 - It’s a great moisturizer…
For dry skin, Papaya extract can prove hugely beneficial. Because of the enzymes found in Papaya, dry and flaky skin is removed, and skin is left looking and feeling hydrated.

2 - It reduces wrinkles…
Yes, it’s true. A Papaya extract mask or peel can help reduce the signs of aging if used regularly. Carrying many of the same properties as Retinol, the enzymes not only remove the dead cells from the skin, but also reduces wrinkles by tightening skin and fades age spots.

3 - Helps to minimize eczema and psoriasis…
More and more people are seeking natural remedies to these unpleasant conditions. Papaya extract has the potential, thanks to the enzymes it contains, to soothe itching and eradicate redness.

4 - It reduces dark circles around the eyes…
Many people swear by Papaya extract to remove dark circles around the eyes. The main reasons why it’s so effective, are due to its natural bleaching qualities. When used regularly, Papaya extract can lighten skin discoloration in this sensitive area.

5 - Clears acne scars or uneven pigmentation…
Acne can often leave scars, but Papaya extract’s exfoliator not only removes inactive proteins, but also clears dead skin cells and smooths blemishes in skin. This actually has the effect of reducing the appearance of acne scars, and also uneven pigmentation.

6 - Manages your acne breakouts…
Troublesome acne breakouts can be controlled and even prevented with Papaya extract. You won’t be surprised to learn that due to its powerful enzymes, your breakouts can be soothed and prevented. In addition, Papaya reduces scarring caused by acne.

7 - Controls dandruff…
Okay, so this is more hair-related, but it still affects our skin. Papaya extract is great at treating the fungal infection that often causes dandruff, moisturizing the scalp and preventing flaking.

8 - It’s a great wound healer…
Papaya is perfect for healing wounds, mainly due to its antimicrobial activity that kills bacteria in the wound, and its ability to help skin recover quickly. It has also been reported that Papaya extract can prevent swelling and reduce pus when used on wounds.

9 - It treats ringworm…
An unpleasant skin complaint, ringworm can be treated by Papaya both topically and when consumed. This is largely due its anti-inflammatory properties, and ability to reduce redness.


Papaya extract is available in a number of forms, and as you’ll now see, its power cannot be underestimated. Whether treating a fungal infection or rolling back the years, Papaya extract is an ingredient all of us should be aware of! Any wonder it's a key ingredient within BahamaBrown.

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