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Chamomile in Bahama Brown Self Tan

Chamomile is a medicinal herb that has been used for thousands of years as a remedy to a number of complaints. The daisy-like plant is renowned for its calming effects, as well as its ability to soothe colic, fever, asthma and inflammations.

While Chamomile tastes great when consumed, often in the form of a tea, it’s also great for the skin when applied topically.

Native in many European countries, Chamomile has numerous anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-allergenic, and sedative properties.

Let’s take a look at just why Chamomile is so great for our skin…

1 - It treats wounds and burns
The soothing and antibacterial properties of Chamomile make it ideal for the home first aid kit. In addition to gently cleansing the wound or burn, Chamomile soothes the skin and promotes healing. It’s the perfect ingredient for after-sun creams, soothing painful sunburn.

2 - Ideal as a wash for skin problems
The cleansing properties of Chamomile make it ideal as a cleanser for cuts or skin conditions. Whether a fungal infection or dry skin complaint, Chamomile can effectively wash the area without drying the skin further, or adding to irritation.

3 - Soothes skin rashes including eczema
Similar to our previous point, Chamomile is great for soothing red, raw skin, often associated with painful eczema. Chamomile works to calm the skin and prevent itching. By stopping itching, the skin can heal more effectively.

4 - Soothes chicken pox
Usually used as Chamomile lotion, its application to the skin during chicken pox has a cooling effect that prevents itching and more importantly, scratching. By preventing scratching, chicken pox scars can be avoided.

5 - Soothes irritated, tired eyes
Chamomile extract is used in a number of products to soothe the eyes, and even heal eye infections. It is widely thought that Chamomile extract can play a part in easing conjunctivitis.

6 - Heal mouth sores and ulcers
Mouth ulcers can be extremely unpleasant, and Chamomiles’ anti-inflammatory properties will soothe the swelling. In addition, Chamomile has an antibacterial quality that can help to clear up the infection of a mouth ulcer more quickly.

7 - Prevents gum diseases
Used as a mouthwash, Chamomile has been proven to help prevent gum disease and promote overall gum health. By reducing inflammation, and even assisting with the breakdown of plaque, Chamomile is one of the best medicinal herbs for oral health.

8 - Great for diaper rash
Any parent knows how irritating diaper rash can be for their little one. Chamomile is extremely gentle on skin, soothing the soreness of diaper rash, and hydrating skin.

9 - Good for the scalp
A number of conditions can affect the scalp, often made worse by the high number of chemical products used on our hair. Ailments such as dandruff, psoriasis or dry scalp, can be easily soothed and treated by Chamomile extract, which provides antibacterial and anti-inflammatory relief.


It’s pretty clear why Chamomile has been such a popular medicinal herb for so long. Officially recognised by government medical agencies in 26 countries, as an excellent ingredient to boost health and wellbeing, the benefits offered by Chamomile are far reaching.

Whether in the form of a topical lotion like BahamaBrown, mouthwash or skin cleanser, there’s no doubting that Chamomile is simply brilliant.

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The Superfood Tan, BahamaBrown Self-Tan

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