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Vitamin deficiencies are not only bad for your body’s overall health, they can cause side effects such as dry skin. Making sure you have the right amount of vitamins either through your diet or through supplements can bring your skin back to life. These are the 4 vitamins you should focus on if your goal is a more radiant complexion.

Vitamin B

B Vitamins are essential for keeping your skin full of moisture, yet, its one of the most common deficiencies. Vitamin B supports your health by breaking down you macronutrients faster, allowing better nutrient absorption. As a result, your skin is able to better hold moisture. Vitamin B can also help retain moisture when applied topically.

Vitamin B can be found in meat, seafood, bananas and leafy green such as spinach and kale. Probiotic foods and drinks such as kimchi and kombucha also have large amounts of B vitamins. Since all types of Vitamin B are water-soluble, your body will excrete any unused amounts.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is especially important for anyone who’s dry skin has become itchy or uncomfortable. It can aid your skin by repairing body tissue and also producing the skin protein collagen. Not only can Vitamin C repair dry skin, it can prevent it. 

Though Vitamin C deficiency is rare, if you find you don’t get enough, citrus fruits, berries and greens are all great choices. Like Vitamin B, Vitamin C is water soluble and its highly unlikely that any harm will be caused if you have too much.

Vitamin E

Dry skin is often caused by a lack of sebum production in the skin. Introducing more Vitamin E into your diet can counteract this by increasing your skin’s moisture. Vitamin E is also amazing for soothing flaky and itchy skin.

Getting enough Vitamin E is not as easy compared to other vitamins. You can increase your intake by eating more nuts and seeds or by simply taking a multivitamin. Since Vitamin E isn’t soluble, there could be risks involved if you consume too much.  

Vitamin K

Vitamin K is extremely important for all different body functions but can also contribute to reducing the dryness in your skin. It can also improve other skin conditions such as stretch marks, spider veins, scars and dark circles under the eyes.

Vitamin K deficiency is typically very uncommon. However, it can easily be increased through diet by eating dark leafy greens such as kale and spinach. However, too much Vitamin K can be harmful for your body.

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