Fashion Tips to Feel Great and Look Cute This Festival Season

Festival Season Fashion Trends 2018 Girls


From the music to the good vibes and making memories, more and more people are growing to love festival culture. To no surprise fashion and style has become a huge part of festival culture and will only continue to grow. Whether you’re a festival veteran or looking to go to your first, we have compiled 3 Fashion Trends that you can use to create your best outfits.



Never underestimate how a pair of sunnies can bring your outfit together. Tinted lenses with interesting shapes that frame your face can be the statement piece in your outfit.

The most popular tinted sunnies are usually in the shades of yellow, red, or purple. These colours can contrast really well with blacks, whites, or any neutral toned outfit.

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You can also coordinate your sunnies with the colour of your shoes, bottoms, or any other accessories. Nothing screams ‘I put a lot of effort into this’ more than colour coordination. Plus, there’s nothing worse than squinting your eyes under the beaming sunlight trying to see your favourite artists.


Face Decor

Festival culture is no stranger to body glitter, face gems, and interesting makeup. But it remains as a quintessential Festival Starter Pack item because there are so many ways to be creative.

The most classic and easy way to decorate your face is through gem stickers. Most gems as nail stickers will adhere to your face too, but it never hurts to carry extras since they’re so compact.

girls face glitter stickers gems fashion festival decoration coachella

Body glitter is also an effortless way to celebrate the festival spirit. If you’re not a fan of the chunkiness of body glitter, opt for shimmer sticks or even a Fairy Bomb.

ponysmakeup festival makeup coachella glitter trendy fashion face decoration

For people who love the technicality of makeup, using eyeshadow to create face designs has also been very popular. Make sure to use primer, long-wearing products, and setting spray! 


Fanny Packs

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that fanny packs are the most convenient way to carry your necessities at a festival. Arguably, fanny packs are not the most aesthetically beautiful things in the world, but with the right style and colour they could definitely be an asset to your outfit.

Holographic textures are very much still in fashion and it could work very well with on a fanny pack. These pieces are great at accompanying colourful outfits, fishnets, and mesh tops. 

girls festival fashion outfit hipster holographic bum bag fanny pack rave

If that vibe is too out there for your tastes, fanny packs in neutral colours are also a fantastic option to work with.

To avoid creating any unwanted bulkiness in your stomach area, it is recommended not to have your fanny pack be the same colour as your bottoms - for example, black on black.

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