4 Hottest Festival Fashion Trends for Guys

Festival season fashion trends guys


Festival season is approaching rapidly with events such as ‘Splendour in the Grass’ and ‘Listen Out’ on the horizon. These festivities are a celebration of music but, at their core, they are also celebrations of the culture and clothing of its attendees. It is essential to show your style and individuality by dressing your best.

Below we’ve compiled a list of trending styles to provide inspiration and advice on what to wear to these festivals, whether you’re a fashion expert looking for new ways to style items or someone dipping their toes into the world of fashion and music.

Stylish Hats

Hats are an excellent accessory to wear to festivals as they stand at the intersection of practicality and style. They are versatile pieces and depending on the boldness of the hat can act as the attention piece of an outfit or support the cohesiveness of one.

Baseball caps are a strong choice for giving off a skater or street vibe, where a plain neutral coloured cap can connect your outfit while a branded one will draw more attention to your upper body.

If you’re looking to add an explosion of flare to your outfit, you may also consider more unconventional pieces such as fedoras or stockman hats which will be the focal point of your outfit.

men trendy festival hat cap panama brown red hipster fashion modern outfit

However, when choosing these unorthodox hats it is important that they are in neutral colours as the design alone will draw attention, and adding too many attention grabbing aspects to one piece may break up the cohesion of an outfit.


There is an old saying that ‘Shoes make the man’ and even today, this expression still holds true. Not only are they essential to comfort, they also act as a statement of your character and vibe. It is crucial that you wear a pair of stylish shoes to your festival. 

All-white sneakers have emerged as the staple of casual shoes and will look fashionable in a multitude of situations. Just ensure they are spotless as a pair of clean white sneakers communicates style and attention to detail, whilst a pair of soiled white sneakers tells the world that you are lazy or unaware.

trendy mens shoes sneakers festival adidas vans white black fashion modern streetwear

The Adidas Stan Smiths have stood the test of time and remain as an affordable wardrobe essential. Additionally, a pair of Vans Old Skools are also a classic piece that repeatedly finds themselves on the forefront of modern fashion.

A pair of boots in a classic brown or black are also a great option to achieve that rugged look and compliment an outfit well that is less contemporary.

mens clarks brown desert boots festival trendy outfit hipster hat shorts

Just be aware that your shoes are likely to get dirty at any festival so don’t wear your most treasured possessions.

Printed Shirts

Printed shirts are an excellent choice to accompany the fun and laid-back atmosphere of music festivals. These shirts work best if you dive headfirst into them with vibrant colours and eye-catching designs that will make them undoubtedly the loudest piece in your outfit.

Floral prints have been wildly trending recently, proving popular amongst a variety of fashion demographics, whether it be among streetwear enthusiasts or the fashion runways of Milan where brands such as Gucci and Dolce Gabanna have seen its potential.

mens printed shirts trendy colourful hipster floral fashion festival outfit coachella

However it is important that when opting for a printed shirt, choose one that looks mature and modern rather than a throwback to your Year 4 graphic t-shirts.

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