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The olive trees leaves, fruit and seeds are utilised in a number of ways, notably as olive oil, but also as olive leaf extract.

Olive leaf extract has been used for hundreds of years, notably due to its antioxidants and phytonutrients. Often consumed orally, olive leaf extract also has a number of topical benefits when used in skin care products.

Every day, our skin faces a number of harmful toxins, many caused by the environment around us. Whether cosmetics, pollution, or UV rays, the use of olive leaf extract has shown to be effective in reversing the negative effects caused by these influences, hence why it has been a firm medicinal favourite for decades.

As a wound healer, a number of studies have shown how the use of olive leaf extract can increase recovery by some 35 percent. This is largely believed to be due to the active ingredient, secoiridoid oleuropein, found within olive leaf.

For these healing properties, we think it’s well worth a place in the family first aid kit. Its certainly made it into BahamaBrown to share its goodness with you.

For a number of skin conditions, olive leaf extract can also play a key role in their treatment and management. These conditions include eczema, and many sufferers report an improvement in their skin when using the extract on a regular basis. Olive leaf extract stops the itching that can worsen such conditions, relieving skin from excess stress, and calming the area to allow healing.

It has proved particularly useful for those with flaky, scaly, skin complaints.

People suffering from dermatitis have also reported an improvement in their condition following the use of olive leaf extract, most likely due to its ability to remove irritants from the skin, by killing any pathogenic bacteria on the surface.

Dry skin is also helped by olive leaf extract, as it helps to lock in moisture.

It is widely thought that olive leaf extract performs better than vitamin E, when it comes to reducing reddening, improving hydration, and promoting blood flow. For this reason, olive leaf extract is particularly useful when treating sun burn, allowing the area to recover quickly, and calm the uncomfortable burning sensation.

When it comes to anti-ageing, olive leaf extract has a number of antioxidants to boost skin health, and visibly improve youthfulness. With its toning qualities, your skin will also feel more hydrated.

The high antioxidant and key anti-inflammatory levels are what contributes to the power of olive leaf extract, essentially boosting skin health below and above the skin’s surface.

Olive leaf extract improves skin elasticity and thickness, and even helps skin to recover from exposure to harmful UV rays.

While not strictly skin-related, olive leaf extract also has lots of benefits for your hair, so features in a number of hair products, promoting healthier, shinier hair.

We think olive leaf extract has a lot to offer our skin, and we think you’ll agree…

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