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The Superfood Tan

Grapes have been used for centuries to treat a whole host of conditions and ailments, and historically, the leaves of a grape vine were used to reduce inflammation and pain, while un-ripened grapes were used to treat throat conditions.

Grape seed extract (and grape seed oil) is used today for treating a number of skin conditions and ailments, and it has a number of properties that promote healthier skin. The oil is often applied topically, while the extract is often consumed as a supplement. A number of organic products contain grape seed extract, alongside other effective ingredients.

When taken as a supplement, it can help with poor circulation, help to regulate blood pressure, and even prevent diabetic eye disease. But let’s take a look at its benefits for the skin.

1 - Reduce Acne and Skin Blemishes
Firstly, grape seed extract has a number of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, so is widely regarded for its use in treating acne. Not only does grape seed have the ability to prevent breakouts, but also to calm existing spots, and reduce their appearance.

2 - Tone & Tighten Skin to prevent clogging and breakouts
In addition, grape seed has astringent properties, so is widely used to tone and tighten the skin. The toning and tightening properties play a key role in preventing breakouts or oily skin, simply by preventing clogging of pores and reducing bacteria on the skin.

3 - Reduce puffiness and dark circles under eyes
When it comes to reducing dark circles around the eyes, grape seed can be extremely effective. When applied daily for a few weeks, dark areas can visibly lighten, and even puffiness can be reduced.

4 - Moisturise, Balance and improve skin Elasticity
For dry skin, regular use of grape seed oil can reap dividends. Grape seed oil not only moisturises the skin, but also improves overall elasticity. Because it is extremely light, and does not clog the skin, it is useful for those who suffer from breakouts or struggle to manage their skin’s oil levels.

5 - Loaded with Vitamins to help reduce wrinkles, scars and varicose veins
Grape seed oil is full of vitamins, notably E, C, and D. The anti-ageing properties of these vitamins help to not only minimise and reduce wrinkles, but also to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars. People suffering from varicose veins also report positive effects and improvements after using grape seed extract in the form of an oil.

6 - Boost Collagen
The extract also improves your skin’s strength, by reinforcing your body’s natural collagen. This has a direct effect on skin’s elasticity and most certainly rolls back the years!

7 - Help to reduce adverse UV effects on the skin
A number of skin conditions are also widely helped by the application of grape seed extract, including those caused by over exposure to the sun. Several scientific studies have even shown grape seed extract to be effective in reducing adverse UV effects on the skin.

Grape seed extract or oil has so many benefits for your skin, and is particularly useful for those who suffer with troublesome skin such as ‘combination’, ‘acne-prone’, or ‘dry’. Unlike many of the conventional products, this is a natural, chemical-free way to take care of your skin, so why not give your skin a boost?

At BahamaBrown we've been delighted to hear from clientele reporting they've experienced a noticeable reduction in acne on their back and chest with regular use of BahamaBrown Self-Tan lotion. Equally humbling and certainly wonderful to hear from clientele with eczema reporting their skin looks much smoother and feels better after applying BahamaBrown lotion. Their tan has come through evenly and looks entirely natural.

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The Superfood Tan, BahamaBrown Self-Tan

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