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The Superfood Tan

Green tea has been used for centuries to treat a whole host of ailments and conditions including headaches, digestive problems, and even depression.

Its popularity across the world has risen, and it is widely regarded as a “detox” when consumed as a tea drink.

Green tea is rich in antioxidants and includes amino acids, enzymes, and phytochemicals, as well as B vitamins, manganese, potassium, and magnesium.

While green tea has a large number of benefits when consumed, it is also highly regarded for its use in skincare, and can contribute towards a hugely beneficial skincare regime.

1 - Improve complexion, flush toxins
Firstly, green tea plays a key role in improving complexion by flushing out any toxins in the skin and reducing overall inflammation. This is particularly useful for those suffering from blemishes and acne scarring, or those who want to have more hydrated, elastic, skin.

2 - Regulate hormones and take control over acne
When it comes to acne, green tea has been used for years to prevent and calm breakouts due to its antibacterial qualities and ability to regulate hormone imbalances that often cause such conditions. As well, for those suffering with a breakout, green tea can reduce redness, and therefore appearance of pimples or spots.

3 - Tone me up...
When it comes to toning the skin, green tea works in a natural capacity to do just that. Not only does it help to draw out the toxins and impurities, it also hydrates, so the skin is left looking and feeling great.

4 - Vitamin K to the rescue..?
Green tea works well around the eye area to reduce dark circles and eliminate puffiness. This is due to its ability to shrink blood vessels. The inclusion of vitamin K is also thought to help reduce dark circles, and it is particularly effective on those even with sensitive skin.

5 - Youthful skin now and in the future
Who doesn’t want to have more youthful skin? Thought so.

Green tea has so many great benefits, but this has to be one of the best. It can delay the signs of ageing, and help skin to have a more youthful appearance. This is because it works on troublesome areas such as sun damage, age spots, lines and wrinkles!

6 - Reduce hair loss, treat your scalp to soothing coolness
For the hair and scalp, green tea is an ingredient regularly used by those suffering from dandruff, itchy or flaky scalp, and psoriasis. The cooling effect of green tea prevents the itching that further spreads bacteria, so not only soothes the scalp, but also calms episodes of psoriasis and other conditions.

7 - Super antioxidant mops up free radicals
The antioxidant properties of green tea protect against many free radicals, and while it doesn’t block UV radiation, it certainly mops up any free radicals caused by sun exposure. This is also why green tea extract is a key ingredient in after-sun products and used by those experiencing sun burn.

8 - Eat it, drink it, apply it...
Green tea tastes great, smells great and does great, so it’s not hard to see why it’s at the heart of many natural skincare regimes. Much more than a beverage, green tea has the ability to help with so many skin ailments and conditions, and as a result, we think it’s pretty great addition to BahamaBrown

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The Superfood Tan, BahamaBrown Self-Tan

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