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Goji Berry in BahamaBrown

Largely regarded as a Superfood, the Goji has increased in popularity over recent years right across the world. It is a key ingredient in BahamaBrown.

Used in traditional Chinese medicine for decades, the Goji Berry plant is also known as the ‘wolfberry’ plant, and is native to Asia. In fact, the Goji Berry is in the same family as potatoes, nightshade, and tobacco.

Buddhist monks first discovered the Goji Berry when roaming the Tibetan mountains, and those who first consumed the Berries supposedly lived longer than those that didn’t.

For this reason, their reputation for contributing towards a longer, healthier life, has grown. While no clinical studies support this claim outright, there’s no arguing that Goji Berries contain a number of antioxidants, carotenoids, amino acids, and polysaccharides.

The Goji Berry has lots of great benefits when it comes to nutritional health, so it’s no wonder that many people consume the Berries or their extract within supplements.

For the skin, Goji Berry has a number of anti-ageing properties, so we have broken down the great stuff…

In fact, Goji Berries have 11 of 22 essential dietary trace minerals. These include calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, and selenium. All of these super minerals have a positive effect on the appearance of skin including firming, tightening, and even plumping.

Goji Berries contain lots of vitamin C, vital to supporting the protection of skin from external factors such as environmental pollution. Vitamin C also plays a key role in keeping skin firm, and even reducing age spots.

To maintain a healthy, natural glow, carotenoids are essential. These are beta-carotene, lutein, lycopene, zeaxanthin, and xanthophyll. Who doesn’t want a healthier, natural glow?

Polysaccharides have a number of properties thanks to antioxidants. Firming, tightening and even increasing skin hydration, are all key benefits.

Amino acids have lots of key advantages for the skin, and notably keep it hydrated and looking smooth. As they don’t irritate the skin, they can be used on even the most sensitive skin.

It’s no wonder more and more people choose natural, organic beauty products made with Goji Berry extract. The extract contains a number of benefits in one go, so whether needing smoother, younger-looking skin, or whether you simply want a more natural glow, the Goji Berry is the “go-to” ingredient for skincare products.

The additional benefit of Goji Berry extract is its ability to increase T-cell production, and to work on sensitive areas such as round the eyes.

Goji Berries repair and regenerate cells quickly, so whether consuming it as a food or juice, or applying it to your skin with BahamaBrown, we can see why people go crazy for the Goji!

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The Superfood Tan, BahamaBrown Self-Tan

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