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The Superfood Tan

Coconut Oil in BahamaBrown

Coconut Oil is packed full of good fats that not only provide us with energy, but also fight microbes in the body. In addition, it smells delicious and is widely used when cooking.

But what about its use on the skin?

Coconut Oil provides a really effective way to take care of your skin, penetrating the skin and providing deep nourishment that makes skin have a healthy, radiant glow.

It can be used in a number of ways, so let’s take a look at the most common…

1 - It’s an antibacterial shield
Coconut Oil has a number of great properties, but its antibacterial quality and ability to clean clogged pores has to be among the most useful for the skin. Coconut Oil can reduce acne breakouts by reducing excess sebum and removing bacteria from the skin.

2 - Soothes burns
Common skin burns such as those caused by the sun, can be soothed by Coconut Oil. The antioxidant action of Coconut Oil reduces the stress and inflammation within the skin, ultimately relieving pain and discomfort and limiting skin damage. Recently studies have shown Coconut Oil to be naturally SPF 7+.

3 - Treats cold sores
Cold sores are highly unpleasant, but dabbing Coconut Oil on them can not only relieve the pain associated with them, but also reduce the risk of long term scarring.

4 - Great against diaper rash
Coconut Oil is not only useful for soothing diaper rash, but also for preventing it in the first place. The soothing properties of Coconut Oil can quickly moisturise areas of redness and dryness.

5 - Keeps hands moisturised
Our hands have a hard time! Simply washing hands is enough to dry out the skin, so why not keep Coconut Oil on hand for afterwards? Rubbing Coconut Oil over the skin and in between the fingers can keep skin healthy and soft.

6 - As a facial cleanser & make-up remover
Gentle enough to take care of skin, but strong enough to remove dirt and make-up, Coconut Oil makes for a useful facial cleanser. It can be used daily, and contains none of the usual chemicals.

7 - As a deodorant
Yes, Coconut Oil can be used as a great alternative to harsh chemical deodorants. Its ability to kill bacteria keeps unpleasant smells at bay, and Coconut Oil naturally smells great.

8 - As a wrinkle treatment
Yes, we all want to maintain youthful skin for as long as possible, and Coconut Oil could help you do just that. Coconut Oil is able to deeply penetrate the skin, repairing the collagen layer, essential in maintaining young-looking skin.

9 - As a facial mask or deep cleanser
Many people use Coconut Oil to make a facial mask. It has really deep cleaning properties that leave skin feeling healthier. Essentially, it softens the keratin caps, and makes exfoliating easier and more effective.


Coconut is simply brilliant. It tastes great, smells great and “does great” when it comes to our skin.

With so many great qualities, it’s not hard to see why more and more people are turning to Coconut Oil rather than chemical products.

At BahamaBrown, we really are nuts about Coconut Oil.

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The Superfood Tan, BahamaBrown Self-Tan

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