TheSuperfoodTan by Bahama Brown
Best self tanning lotion stain free

TheSuperfoodTan by Bahama Brown

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The Next Evolution in Self-Tanning is here. No Sunbathing required!

Bahama Brown - Repair and Rejuvenate while your skin creates a super natural tan.

Demand for skin-tanning products continues to soar.

But everybody knows that many of these lotions can be harmful to skin due to their chemical content. Too many products just make you orange, smell terrible, are sticky, messy and stain everything.

It’s even worse if you have any existing skin conditions. Everyone can tell a fake tan because the colour just looks off.

No longer.

Now, with Bahama Brown you have a skin-tanning lotion, totally harmless and in fact, is good for your skin. No need for Sun, No UV. The reason it’s so good for you is because it's made with 26 natural and organic ingredients, such as Goji Berries, Pomegranates, Papaya and other amazing Superfoods for Skin.

Each Superfood is chosen for its specific medicinal benefit to you. Each Superfood has its first use recorded within Ancient Medicine (Chinese, Ayurvedic or Egyptian) and is backed by scientific research and evidence from Modern Medicine.

More than just a tanning lotion, Bahama Brown harnesses a new technology developed by our in-house medical team, we call this technology Multi-Pathway Skin Activation™. The results have been remarkable and we know you'll enjoy it as well.

Now served in a 50mL jar. Each jar provides approx 4 to 7 full body tan sessions based on average body size.


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