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Narrative on Responsibility

Your wellbeing and the health of our planet mean a lot to us. We believe it makes absolute sense to nurture our environment (that includes looking after you too) so that great experiences flourishes.

The lotion in Bahama Brown is made from natural ingredients chosen for their functional medicinal benefit. More than 50% of these ingredients are certified organic.

The foil sachet packaging is recycle-ready, please do so once you’ve finished.

The paper shipping package it arrives in is either recycled, reclaimed or repurposed. We hand make and custom form each package for every customer.

Bahama Brown has been designed and manufactured in Sydney, Australia. I’ve personally overseen every step to assure quality transcends above and beyond.

Yes, it does cost more to manufacture however it's a small price by comparison since one needs to ask, what value do you place on your wellbeing and that of our planet? Let’s care enough to look after each other.

Best Wishes,

Team BahamaBrown