Narrative on Responsibility

For us, health and wellbeing relate to you and this beautiful planet we live on. We believe it makes absolute sense to nurture our environment (that includes looking after you too) so that great experiences can be shared. There is no better medicine than laughter and a hug.

The lotion in TheSuperfoodTan is made from natural ingredients, each chosen for their functional medicinal benefit.

Too often we see skincare products boasting some natural ingredients yet the rest of it is pure nasty. Others boast about 1 or 2 active ingredients, that's their entire position. We've chosen to step this up into another sphere. Using internal trade secret methods we successfully, carefully combined more than 26 plant derived superfoods for skin with full intent to help boost the health of your skin while it creates its very own wonderfully natural tan. You may ask...why hasn't anyone done this before?...well the fact is:

- It costs a bucket load - to create a lotion with this level of actives made from ultra-premium natural medicinal ingredients...the ingredients sourced from carefully harvested sources then ultra-purified through a very unique process. It's difficult to quite quantify. Instead we focus on the amazing experience it produces.

- Profits are massively reduced - it's counter intuitive to conventional business thinking. You could scratch our head and wondering if it's all worth it...and then we receive a phone call from someone bouncing off their ceiling in happiness telling us the acne on their chest or back has disappeared OR someone calls telling us as much as they tried, the tan just wouldn't come off on to their bedding or cloths OR someone's mother calls in tears telling us her daughter is out with friends for the first time, she looks amazing, her tan is amazing and much to her surprise the large patches of scaly eczema have almost entirely disappeared, her daughter is glowing, she's's those moments that keep us driving to do more. That serene moment in silence to appreciate and accept, yes this modus operandi, this formula is just right. It works for us.

Besides, we're an Aussie bunch, we swim with sharks. It's in our nature to take on tough challenges.

You'll note also, the total absence of women in tiny bikini's. We're ok with that. You, me, the person next door...that's who we are. You may be a size 6 bikini model, you may be size 26...content to be a model of balance, joy and happiness....we're ok with that. We love you size 6 or 26, your tan is going to look amazing either way, hope you're ok with that.

TheSuperfoodTan started life in Australia as BahamaBrown and evolved a lightyear since then. It's been designed and manufactured entirely in Sydney, Australia. We've personally overseen every step to assure quality transcends above and beyond. You have a medical grade product in your hands.

Yes, it does cost more to manufacture and profits are tiny however that's ok with us since one needs to ask, what value do you place on your wellbeing and that of our planet? Let’s care enough to look after each other.

This is more than just creating world first industry leading products - It's always been a deep desire for us to do more, achieve more, to have a solid a foundation and a true backbone. Being in a pursuit to generate revenue alone is simply not enough, making money for the sake of making money is an empty space and void of any reason to be.

Instead, generating enough revenue to also help the person beside you or, the company limping forward looking for ways to succeed, perhaps the inspired mum at home with 3 kids looking for a way to help her kids avoid the suffering she endured...that's where we direct our profits.

PS...The packaging is recycle-ready, please do so once finished.

Best Wishes,

Team BahamaBrown

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