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About Us

Our team has evolved over time to become the most efficient it can be. We've rubbed shoulders with some amazing and richly talented individuals. Like most people, we've had a yearning to do more, contribute more and in a broader sense, make a positive difference to this place. That may sound a little out there however, if you search inside you'll find you have this yearning too.

Our team has extended beyond the top end of technology design and medical faculty to key thought leaders offering insight into the world of fashion and modelling. Now, with a streamlined team, we've committed to designing products that are good for you and actually work in ways that are aimed to wow you. If there's no wow, then we'll keep designing till there is.

We’re delighted to bring you Bahama Brown. We believe to date, it’s the best self-tan product ever made and yes, while that’s our opinion we look forward to hearing you've experienced the same. We always welcome your feedback and thoughts about BB.

Feel free to reach out to us anytime...

The Bahama Brown Team.

- Here's our Narrative on Responsibility