Anti-Spam Policy does not send spam, EVER. In fact, we deplore spammers. We are committed to doing everything in our power to minimize the impact of spam on and on the businesses and lives of our customers. Spam is a heavy burden on Internet traffic and should be stamped out. We absolutely do not sell or distribute for our own financial gain any merchant or customer email addresses. There are times, however, when in the course of normal business that we may share or disclose this data. For complete information on situations in which we may share data, please refer to the Privacy Policy.

BahamaBrown does send emails to notify you of important administrative announcements like invoice, receipt and delivery or shipping notifications. If you have opted to receive email, from time to time you may also receive newsletters, specials and promotions. We do also sometimes send emails to customers that may have been recommended by friends or relatives to receive our special offers. That's a small amount of specifically selected email however due to the crazy amount of spam congesting the Internet, it's easy to sometimes mistakenly get grouped with the bad guys. In order to avoid this, we are constantly working to establish relationships of legitimacy and trust with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) who take considerable measures to protect their email customers from spam.

If you are a BahamaBrown customer, you can help us maintain our reputation as a legitimate originator of email. You can do this by managing the types of email communications you receive from BahamaBrown. Please be sure to maintain a valid email address for each of your accounts. Incorrect email addresses generate "bounced" emails, which are one of the criteria used by ISPs to identify spammers, and can lead to BahamaBrown email not reaching its intended recipients.

You can also help to assure that you receive all correspondences from BahamaBrown by adding the domain ("") to your email "white list". To do this in Microsoft Outlook, go to Actions > Junk E-mail > Junk E-mail Options > Safe Senders and add "" to your safe senders list. If you are using a client other than Microsoft Outlook, please refer to the help files for that particular email client to see if they offer this service.

Finally, here are some simple steps you can take to avoid receiving spam:

  • Try not to display your email address in public.
  • Never respond to a spam message. This includes attempting to opt-out of unsolicited messages.
  • Review the privacy policy of any company that requests your email address.
  • Use an email or spam filter.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about the BahamaBrown Anti-Spam Policy or if you receive spam which appears to have originated from BahamaBrown (it was likely "spoofed"), please do not hesitate to contact us at