How to get the Best Results using TheSuperfoodTan

The Next Evolution in Self-Tanning is here. No Sunbathing required!

It works with your skin to create a real tan without the need for Sun. It's a safe natural vegan lotion made with medicinal ingredients recognised and used for centuries in Ancient Medicine.

This world first blend of ingredients nourish your skin and boost it's health. The healthier your skin, the better it can handle the extremes of daily life. It makes sense right, this philosophy has been at the core of designing TheSuperfoodTan. 

The fact is, your skin is uniquely and entirely different to the everyone else, you know this right? It's impossible for a scientist in a lab to colour match every individual unique skin colour, you know this too, yes? This is why those "chemical-paint-in-a-bottle" fake tan products look like a FAKE's just not your colour and it's obvious to everyone that it's a fake tan. Even the best fake tan still looks like a fake tan...right? we know you're smart enough to know this. Stop being fed the fake stuff. You deserve much better.

TheSuperfoodTan does not contain any tan in its lotion instead, with the wonderfully nourishing blend of ingredients we've worked out your skin is the best at producing its own scientist or fake tan can ever match it. TheSuperfoodTan nourishes your skin, your skin produces your own genuine tan and it is entirely natural in colour every time. It's simply the best way to look fantastic you'd be bonkers to do it any other way.

Here's what you can expect from TheSuperfoodTan, every application:

1. Helps your skin produce its own tan, it's actually a REAL tan, the fake days are over. NO MORE FAKE TAN...!!...about time right..!!
2. Creates your own colour from inside your skin, it's uniquely perfect for you every time
3. Deeply nourishes skin
4. Moisturises skin for days
5. Anti-Inflammatory 
6. Anti-Bacterial
7. Antioxidant (among the highest levels available)
8. Collagen boosting
9. Safe to use around your eyes
10. Safe for use at all ages
11. It's great for your skin, so no need to wash off
12. You'll see your skin producing colour within 3 to 8 hours
13. Once colour comes through, it won't rub off onto fabric (or your partner, the car seat, the wall you bumped, your bridal gown, your prom dress...listen up Dance Mums)
14. You can feel safe knowing it's good for you with more than 25 ingredients chosen for their specific medicinal benefits to skin (have eczema, acne, problem. Your tan will look entirely clean and smooth. The boost to skin healthy helps manage this better)
15. Since it's entirely your own healthy colour, only you will know it's not from sunbathing. Everyone else will be amazed how great you look

Yes, we can go on about it, we're excited and hope you are's a wonderful world first blend. Enjoy an amazing tan and let us know when your eczema starts to disappear, acne becomes manageably less and the discolouration of psoriasis of all, please let us know when someone pulls you up and asks..."You're looking great, what are you doing different..?" 

We'd love to hear from you ... send your story to:

First, you need to work out how your skin works.

TheSuperfoodTan works with your skin and we've all agreed everyone has uniquely different skin. What this means to you? If you tan easily, no problem however if you struggle to tan, you'll find it may take more than one coat to wake up your skin...and that's ok. 

Only apply lotion as 1 fine layer 8 to 24 hrs apart to give your skin a chance to work. 

We recommend you consider a 2 stage approach quite common to the fitness industry, "Load & Maintain"...first we'll load the skin with those essential ingredients that boost health and help your skin produce its own tan, then to enjoy ongoing perfect colour, we'll maintain typically once a week. Here's what a typical tan regime may look like:

1. Day 1 - Apply a fine coat. Only a fine coat, a 5mm drop will usually cover your whole forearm. Be patient, you're excited to see are we. 
2. Day 2 - If you like your colour, application may be in a few days. If however you feel your skin needs more of boost, Apply another fine coat. Allow your skin time to produce results of 8 to 24 hours
3. Day 3 - Same as Day 2.

Weekly - most people prefer to re-apply weekly, for some this is 7 days for others that may be 5 days. Your choice. Others prefer a fine coat every 3 or 4 days to maintain a super natural look at all times. Once you work out your skin, you'll know what works best for you.

We've created pack sizes for you. The content in each jar is exactly the same. Now that you know about the Load & Maintain approach to your self-tan regime, you can purchase the pack that works for you. Each jar will provide 5 full body self-tan sessions for the average sized body.

Pack sizes are: 20, 15, 10 & 5 Tan Sessions. See in detail below:

Tan Regime 10.5 --- Natural Tan - 20 Tan Sessions - 4 Jars - Maximum savings, Maximum benefits
- You've worked out your skin, you know how dark you'd like to get. This is for you when you know what you're doing and want to keep a great colour all the way through most of the season. 
- Also ideal if you're a bride and want to save your gown and want to tan your bridesmaids too. Great for Dance Mums (stop using chemicals on your kids!!). Professional Executives or Professional doesn't rub off..!! we know you just want to look great in a professional environment.

Tan Regime 7.5 --- Natural Tan - 15 Tan Sessions - 3 Jars 
- You'll know whether you want 4 or 3 jars.

Tan Regime Starter --- Starter Pack - 10 Tan Sessions - 2 Jars 
- Start Here if you're a'll want try a few things while working out your skin...this pack is what you need. 

Tan Regime Casual --- Natural Tan - 5 Tan Sessions - 1 Jar 
- Handy if you've already worked out how your skin works and just want to tan now and then. Always keep a jar ready to go in your fridge.

Oh yes, did we mention that...this is a natural product. Keep away from sunlight and store in a cool place...inside your drawer would be great, in your fridge would be better. The lotion has been designed so it can be kept in your fridge and still be very "spreadable".

Can you eat this lotion? probably. As inviting as it is, we advise you don't consume it.

1. DON'T use a mitt, this is not a fake tan product, a mitt is like a sledge hammer would be to busting a pimple...totally the wrong a fake tan is the wrong way.
2. Use a rubber nitrile glove or just bare hands and wash frequently during application. For example, apply on legs, then wash hands...then apply upper body and wash again.
3. Best to remove dead skin thoroughly as this will simply prevent lotion absorbing by blocking access into skin
4. Remove any unwanted hair before hand
5. If you want to do armpits, PLEASE completely wash off all Anti-perspirant and Deodorant, the Blackberry & Raspberry will bind to these products and you'll end up with purple armpits...please don't be that person.
6. For contoured or folding skin around knees, elbows, nostrils & other areas, you may wish to apply an even finer coat or use moisten these areas of skin prior to applying. This will help you obtain a fine manageable tan
7. TheSuperfoodTan is not a FAKE TAN and as such it will achieve a level of colour your skin can produce without sunbathing. The maximum darkness you will achieve with this lotion is medium-dark as best achieved by your skin. It's simply not possible to turn a fair person ultra dark. If you want the ultra-dark fake stuff...there's loads of fake tan chemical paint for you out there. This not your product.

If we've missed anything, let us know.
If you want tips for your specific use, reach out to us and we'll help you get the best results.