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Absolutely blown away...
I am absolutely blown away by Bahama Brown! I've used fake tan a few times, but I always end up patchy and ultimately feeling pretty dodgy. I saw this product at my local chemist and was instantly drawn to the lovely natural packaging and gorgeous vegetarian contents. After using the product for the first time I was honestly expecting the usual patchy look Ive achieved from other self tanning products, but I was amazed at how beautifully tanned I looked! Yay! Oh and it smells so lovely. I never go on and on about a product but I have recommended this product to all my friends and family. I have even had a couple of people ask me if I work for Bahana Brown because I rave about it so much. Haha! :)Thanks for a great product x ...Susie

Fabulous Results
I am not usually a fan of fake tan but this product has changed my mind! The results were so natural and the smell is amazing... highly recommended for anyone with any skin tone ;-) ...Jessica

So happy!!!
I have used every tan product under the sun and this by far is the best. I have quite fair skin so I do struggle to find a tan that looks natural but also leaves me looking beautifully bronzed. I'm amazed about how this product works and how it has made my skin look. I would recommend this to all skin types. So easy to apply, smells amazing and I wake up with a perfect non streaky olive brown colour every single time. This will be my holy grail of tans from now on. So happy!!! ...Sarah

Shop Bahama Brown Self Tan - The Worlds Greatest Tan   Shop Bahama Brown Self Tan - The Worlds Greatest Tan

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Why Bahama Brown may just be the Best Self Tan in the World?

  • Bahama Brown Lotion is designed with your health and well-being in mind. It’s a super moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and antibacterial lotion
  • Dry in under 60 seconds it won’t stain sheets or clothing (won't rub off under lingerie or bridal gowns)
  • Pregnancy & child safe too (Dance Mums !!)
  • It’s made with natural & organic ingredients
  • Each jar will provide 4 to 6 for body tan sessions
  • It's packed with 26 plant derived Superfoods and is loaded with micronutrients beneficial to boosting skin health
  • Everyone will notice the resulting tan looks so natural, you'll look like you just returned from a tropical holiday
  • Bahama Brown stimulates your melanocytes to naturally produce melanin and tan your skin from base layer up
  • Since it’s entirely your own natural tan produced by your skin, the colour is always uniquely perfect for you

What do Angels smell like?

Try some Bahama Brown and find out. You'll learn just how seductively consuming this amazing blend of Superfoods become to you and everyone around you...

Smell like an Angel, Tan like a Supermodel.

Love You, Bahama Brown.

Shop Bahama Brown Self Tan - The Worlds Greatest Tan   Shop Bahama Brown Self Tan - The Worlds Greatest Tan