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BUY NOW - World's Greatest Natural Self-Tan*

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The Next Evolution in Self-Tanning is here. No Sunbathing required!

Now served in a 50mL jar. Each jar good for 5 full body sessions.

Which pack should you buy?
1 Jar Pack - If you tan regularly and prefer a medium tan. The single jar pack will keep you glowing with a medium tan all month.

2 Jar Pack - You like getting out, prefer a darker medium tan OR you just want to save on shipping OR you share your tan lotion with sister / partner, The 2 Jar pack is for you. Will keep you both showing a wonderful natural tan all month.

3 & 4 Jar Pack - For a group of friends, bridal party OR Dance Mum - with the group all tanning together, then go for the multi-packs, remember some individuals do want more than 1 session for a darker medium tan. If you have an event coming up, 4 jars will tan 10 friends with 2 full body sessions each.

Remember - there is no tan in this lotion, it's made with Superfoods that help your skin boost its health and the tan is created by your skin. This is why it's an amazing colour every time. Because this lotion helps your skin create a real tan, the darkest your skin can achieve on its own without sunbathing is medium or medium-dark. You cannot achieve an ultra-dark tan with Superfoods for Skin. If you are keen on super-ultra-dark, then this is not the product for you. If however you just want to look amazing, like you just got back from Hawaii, then absolutely enjoy the TheSuperfoodTan - Smell like an Angel, Tan like a Supermodel...

Oh yes, did we mention this is a natural organic product? Keep away from sunlight and store in a cool place...inside your fridge would be best. The lotion has been designed so it can be kept in your fridge and still be very "spreadable".

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